Upwell Academy hold magic day to inspire creative writing skills

There was a touch of magic in the air at Upwell Academy on Friday with witches, wizards and cats roaming the corridors.

It was all in aid of a special magic day organised by teacher Davina Fisher to help bring some inspiration to pupils’ creative writing skills.

She said: “We like our dress up days here at Upwell Academy. We find they not only bring a bit of fun to the classroom, but they help with attendance and also in inspiring the children. “Today’s focus was on writing and it certainly brought some magic to the children’s work. We started with a special assembly where there was some magic tricks and we talked about how there is magic in the work they do. We wanted to inspire them to use more adjectives and adverbs to make their writing fabulous. “Everyone was dressed up, we had a lot of witches, cats and Harry Potters and everyone really enjoyed the day, which was definitely a success. The work the children in my class produced, for instance, was really quite magical. They really focused on what they were doing.”

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