Our policies

The primary purpose of our involvement in education is to drive up standards of achievement by young people to equip them effectively for life. Eastern Multi-Academy Trust’s admissions policy will be inclusive and in accordance with the School Admissions Code, the School Admissions Appeals Code and admissions law as it applies to maintained schools. We will provide a personalised education for every student, based on individual needs and aspirations, and focussed on ability, not age.

To do this we will offer a curriculum that:
• Is engaging, relevant and challenging
• Encourages creativity, problem solving and risk taking
• Develops highly confident, independent learners
• Focuses on the development of literacy and numeracy
• Encourages students and teachers to be enterprising and explore new technologies
• Readily provides for meaningful progression to further study or skilled employment
• Is coherent through the key stages and supports transition
• Supports personal growth, development and good behaviour
• Enables students to develop a view of the wider world and their place in it
• Uses assessment to drive precisely planned and personalised teaching and learning

Policies and procedures

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