Our staff

Eastern Multi-Academy Trust has a positive and inclusive approach to working with staff. This approach acknowledges that the greatest and most valuable resource is our staff and that they are the key to success.

Appropriate academic and business support structures are in place so that staff have the necessary skills and qualifications to deliver and support high quality education and training. The concept of lifelong learning is actively supported by providing training and development opportunities through which all staff can upgrade their job skills and knowledge, and enhance their personal development throughout their employment inline with operational and strategic plans. Staff are empowered to assume primary responsibility for their own learning and development, and to pursue training and development opportunities, internally and externally, so that they carry out their roles to the highest standards and deliver high quality services to students.

To successfully achieve our vision, effective leadership and management is essential. This does not simply mean the Chief Executive, Principals and Senior Leadership Teams but includes governors and staff throughout the family of academies. Working closely with the Eastern Multi-Academy Trust, our Principals will make key decisions to implement the vision and will work to engage staff, students, parents, the wider community and other relevant stakeholders to take ownership of the vision and its implementation.

We promote a model of dispersed leadership, with a focus on identifying leadership qualities in staff and supporting their development. Our staff are inspirational, confident and willing to take risks. Under robust leadership, they create a culture of success with exemplary teaching and learning, an innovative curriculum and a work environment that all are proud to belong to.

The Eastern Multi-Academy Trust currently employs:

Duncan Ramsey
Chief Executive

During 17 years as a primary headteacher Duncan led two very different schools to outstanding Ofsted judgements. Leading an average-sized village primary and a larger school in London have helped him develop the skills and experience needed to provide high quality support to schools within the Trust. He is a qualified lead inspector and received his Doctorate in 2003 for developing training programmes to support excellent performance in experienced teachers.  Duncan joined the Trust in 2014 as Director of Education and became CEO in February 2017.
   Alan Evans
Company Secretary and Director of Finance and Operations/Deputy CEO

Alan is a chartered accountant with experience of working across the public and private sectors before joining King’s Lynn Academy as their finance director. He was previously the director of resources and deputy chief executive for local authority, overseeing an annual revenue budget in excess of £250,000,000.


rosy Rosy Lord
Head of Human Resources

Rosy is a fully qualified HR specialist and a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. She has been involved in human resources for over 20 years in education and has experience of almost every aspect of HR including payroll and pensions management. Her previous role was as HR Manager at the College of West Anglia.
  Rachael Judd
Director of Primary Education

Rachael Judd has a degree in law and is a qualified teacher. Rachael has worked as an advanced skills teacher in early years. She was headteacher of a large urban infant school in Norwich and has been a national leader of education. She has worked as a local authority senior advisor for intervention and inspection and is now Director of Primary Education for the Thetford Hub of the Eastern Multi Academy Trust. She also inspects for Ofsted.
  Paul Shanks
Director of Primary Education

During 13 years as a head teacher Paul has led two schools to good Ofsted outcomes, one of which was the school’s first ever good judgement. Paul has experience of Executive Headship and through his role as Deputy Senior School Improvement Adviser and Data Lead, East of England for National Strategies,  he has developed skills and experience to provide core training and support to the Trust schools.