Our vision

The Eastern Multi-Academy Trust’s ethos and approach is embodied in its Vision Statement:

“Supporting our local communities by working together to achieve excellence through learning”

We aim to inspire students and motivate them to fulfil their full potential, producing excellence in academic and personal performance through raising aspiration, improving engagement, the take-up of learning opportunities and providing appropriate accessible pathways into further learning and work. Our academy students will be equipped as adaptable adults and successful life-long learners. We want every student to be proud to attend their place of learning and all our academies to be outstanding within five years.

Our ambition is to establish academies in both primary and secondary phases situated in the Eastern region.  The Trust is used to serving a rural area and we are keen to embrace both rural and urban schools within the Eastern Multi-Academy Trust.

To achieve our vision and ambition it is essential we have a motivated and skilled workforce. We are committed to supporting all staff to develop and progress so that outcomes for their students are impacted positively.

All of the academies will offer the highest standards of education characterised by:

  • Driving up academic standards and achievement rates with the aim to be well above national levels
  • Setting new, exceptionally challenging expectations for all
  • Focusing on further raising standards in mathematics and English across the full age range
  • Promoting inspirational teaching, challenging lessons and independent learners
  • Providing an outstanding curriculum that is personalised and offers the right range of curriculum pathways and routes to success in adulthood
  • Actively seeking and listening to students’ views and maximising their involvement in running the academy
  • Promoting students’ enjoyment, safety and healthy lifestyles. Developing their willingness to show commitment to others and a positive approach to inclusion and diversity
  • Ensuring transition into and out of the academy offers security, builds on best practice from their previous learning experiences and brings fresh challenge as students enter the next phase of their education

At the heart of our vision is outstanding teaching, learning and assessment. We will promote a culture whereby all teaching staff make the education of their students their first concern, and are accountable for achieving the highest possible standards in work and conduct. We aspire to see lessons where students:

  • Are enthused, leading to excellent learning and skill development
  • Concentrate and are rarely off task
  • Are keen and committed to succeed, tackling challenges enthusiastically
  • Make excellent progress in lessons and over time

This is most likely to be achieved when teachers:

  • Have excellent subject knowledge
  • Are enthusiastic, inspiring and set high expectations
  • Know their students well, personalising and differentiating accordingly
  • Assess work regularly and use this to inform their teaching
  • Plan effectively including the role of other adults in the classroom

This is at the centre of our approach to performance management and developing our staff.