King’s Lynn Academy

King’s Lynn Academy was the first academy to join the┬áTrust opening its doors as an academy from September 2010. Originally founded in 1939 as single-sex schools in Gaywood Park before being known as The Park High School from 1996, King’s Lynn Academy saw a drastic improvement in student success rates after joining Eastern Multi-Academy Trust.

“The freedom to lead and make a difference attracted me to work with the Eastern Multi-Academy Trust. There are high expectations and challenges, together with a true community focus. As the first academy in the family, we at King’s Lynn Academy have had a chance to shape the future of the trust and each academy in turn will deepen its character and capacity. As a Principal, I am already enjoying the great opportunities arising as we become a multi-academy trust. It’s great to work with forward-thinking peers and a sponsor determined to realise success.” – Craig Morrison, Principal

King's Lynn Academy

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