North Wootton Academy


North Wootton Academy, formerly North Wootton Community School, joined the Eastern Multi-Academy Trust family on 1st March 2017. North Wootton Academy aims to create a school community with children at its heart, where they can all to be proud and confident of their achievements.

“We are really pleased to have joined Eastern Multi-Academy Trust. The school has benefited informally in terms of advice and support from the Trust, for the past two years, so I am delighted that North Wootton is now part of Eastern Multi-Academy Trust and will be able to build on this support in the future. This is a very exciting time for North Wootton Academy and I am optimistic about the opportunities this partnership will bring, given the considerable success the Trust has had recently with its primary academies, Nelson Academy and Eastgate Academy in particular.” – Jonathan Williams, Principal

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