Members and Directors


Name Role Nature of appointment Date of appointment Date of termination
Derek Stringer Member Original subscriber 06/08/2010
John Harrison Member Member-appointed 09/05/2017
Julie Perry Member Member-appointed 09/05/2017
Timothy Rounce Member Member-appointed 10/10/2017
John Williamson Member Member-appointed 05/12/2017

Board of Directors

Committee membership
Name Role F&R Audit HR&PMC Nature of appointment Date of appointment Date of termination Attendance record 2016/17
Derek Stringer Chair of Board Y Member-appointed 23/07/2013 Board 100%
Julie Perry Vice Chair of Board Y Y Y Member-appointed 25/10/2015

Board 83%;

Audit 100%

Deborah Gates Director Y Y Member-appointed 23/07/2013

Board 100%;

F&R 75%;

HR 100%

Duncan Ramsey


Chief Executive Accounting Officer

Y Y Ex-officio 30/01/2017 Board 100%
Wendy Fisher Director Y Member-appointed 10/05/2017 Board 100%
Karen Fisher Director Y Y Member-appointed 05/12/2017 N/A
James Rowney Director Y Member-appointed 05/12/2017 N/A
Graham Pearson Director Y Member-appointed 29/03/2018 N/A
David Wilde Director Member-appointed 29/03/2018 N/A
Michael Moore Director Y Y Co-opted 16/12/2014 31/08/2017

Board 67%;

Audit 100%;

F&R 75%

F&R = Finance and Resources Committee
Audit = Audit Committee
HR & PM = HR & Performance Management Committee

Please note that the Term of Office for any Director is four years. Any Director may be re-appointed or re-elected. This does not apply to the Chief Executive who shall be a Director for as long as they remain in office.