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Broadband & telephony tender

Connectivity & Communications Service Procurement - Qualifying Questionnaire

EMAT Trust was established in 2010 under the name of CWA Trust. This evolved into Eastern MAT in 2017.

The Trust is a family of inclusive and aspirational schools working together across the East of England
The Trust currently encompasses 10 Primary and 1 secondary school with an additional primary likely to join before this contract commences. In addition to this the Trust is planning on growing and bidders should make the assumption that this would be on the basis of at least one school per annum.

In terms of technology relating to this procurement, there are currently multiple broadband providers, with divergent bandwidths, technologies and contract end dates in all schools.

Similarly, telephony is provided by multiple providers and is a mix of hosted and on-premises solutions across different brands with varying contract end dates.

The strategy going forward is to combine all broadband connectivity, firewall services, and telephony into one single outsourced package for all existing schools and any new schools that join the Trust during the lifetime of the contract.

EMAT recently completed a procurement to consolidate their ICT Support into a single outsourced Managed Service across all their sites. Internet filtering was part of the scope for that procurement and therefore will not form part of this procurement.

To be completed and returned with supporting documents by:
Midday on the 18th of August 2023

To: Mr David Cousins
E-mail to

To: Mr Graham Thorpe
E-mail to