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We are delighted to introduce our EMAT Expert Practitioners.  They are Trust leads who are available to support teachers and leaders through the dissemination of great practice.  Their skill, experience and pedagogical expertise are crucial to improving outcomes for learners and represent our investment in system-led academy improvement.

Andy Bazeley-Smith - Expert Practitioner for Curriculum 

I have been teaching for 20 years and during this varied career, I have always been interested in curriculum development. This started at Whitefriars where I wrote and developed a school curriculum based on creative principles and the interconnectivity of subjects. This curriculum was instrumental in the school attaining an overall outstanding rating. 

My experience was transferred to Gaywood, where I developed the curriculum. As the school converted to an academy with West Norfolk Academies Trust (WNAT), I became part of the team that developed a knowledge and vocabulary-rich curriculum. I have visited the West London Free School on several occasions and then developed this approach in the schools. 

I went on to write and adapt unit rationales for each subject whilst making links in all units to the 17 global goals for sustainability; writing a rationale for this inclusion in the curriculum. 

I am very excited to be able to work within EMAT to further develop curriculum matters.

Davina Fisher - Expert Practitioner for Reading 

I am Davina Fisher, and I am the Expert Practitioner for Reading.  I have been teaching for 25 years and throughout my career I have taught all primary ages, including nursery and English to year 11.

I started teaching in the London Borough of Enfield and moved to Norfolk in 2007.  My first additional role was as Library Co-ordinator in a four-form entry primary school.  I am currently the English Lead at Upwell Academy and have been since 2017. 

I truly believe that reading is the key to success for all children.  If we can support them in becoming confident, competent readers, then I believe they can reach their full potential in all subjects. As a current EYFS teacher, I also know and understand the importance of teaching phonics in a fun and systematic way and installing that love of reading from day one.  I absolutely love books and want every child and adult to love them too.  I am on a mission to make reading cool and trendy again.  I look forward to working with you in making every child a successful reader.  

Emma Bond - Expert Practitioner for Early Years 

I joined North Wootton Academy in September 2014 as an NQT in a mixed aged year 1 and 2 class. The next academic year, I moved to EYFS which is where I have stayed and I now call home!  I began my EYFS journey as a class teacher before I became North Wootton’s Early Years Leader in 2018.   

I have a strong passion to improve outcomes for learners - I firmly believe that every child has a right to the best possible education, and this is where my motivation lies.  I know that with the most effective foundations for learning, a child’s school career will be a positive journey where they are able to aspire to be the best learner they can.  All children have the potential to succeed!   

I am excited about starting my new role as an Expert Practitioner for EYFS and collaborating with like-minded people to network and share ideas.   

Gemma Sykes - Expert Practitioner for Early Years 

My passion and enthusiasm for teaching has always been about the foundations of learning, which is why I have been an EYFS teacher for the last 14 years.  I believe it is an honour to start each child's learning journey at school and ensure they have the most solid of foundations based on the experiences we give them.  

I am motivated to make sure all pupils achieve and progress from their individual starting points, as well as building a strong team around me who all strive for the same vision.  I am looking forward to my new role and building an EYFS team throughout our wider community. 

Sarah Melia - Expert Practitioner for Curriculum 

As well as being science lead and curriculum lead at Nelson Academy, I have experience of curriculum design as a music teacher in the US and in writing a KS2 curriculum for mixed age classes.  I have always been passionate about improving outcomes for all pupils and believe that proper curriculum sequencing, creating links between curriculum areas and opportunities for hands-on and creative learning is the best way to secure progress for all pupils, particularly for our most disadvantaged.