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Vision and Values 

We exist to provide exceptional opportunities for all our students so that they can develop their potential to reach the highest levels of education. Everyone member of our academy family will be supported to aspire to be the very best that they can be.

All will be empowered to become stronger and more confident. Students will be supported to develop the skills, abilities and mental attributes to succeed for themselves and to develop a love of learning that will continue into adulthood.

Children and young people will be motivated to set themselves challenging life goals and be supported to develop the resilience to overcome any obstacles to this.

Individuals will develop and motivate each other and be passionate about reaching their maximum potential regardless of background. Opportunities will be life defining to transform their life chances.

Our Values


Children take responsibility and are given a voice and confidence. All children and staff are provided with equality of opportunity to develop their self-belief to be the very best that they can be. 

We ensure that we lay a path for a successful future and provide the knowledge and self-confidence and belief to strive for goals. We provide hope and build self-reliance to provide a voice to make a real difference now and in the future. 


We will challenge, energise and inspire children and colleagues to better themselves. Children will think positively and have a go-get attitude that enables them to be self-motivated and support each other to succeed. Children and adults will be inspired and motivated to set personal goals and will act as role models for their peers. 


We will provide a positive environment in which achievements are celebrated and where children have hopes, dreams and ambitions leading to success. 

Will provide quality role models and the confidence and tools to make real change that ensure children believe in themselves and their capabilities so that they aim beyond the norm. No barriers will be placed in the way of success. 


We will be open to change and provide the confidence and knowledge to succeed. Children will take control of their own learning and develop the ability to manage change and define their own destiny. 

Children and colleagues will have the freedom and make wise choices that bring about positive change within the communities they live and serve. The choices they make will be life defining and bring about social and economic transformation to the communities in which they live and work.